Swansea New Masjid Opens for Prayers.

All praises and thanks are due to Allah. Peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sas), his family and his companions.

By the Grace of Allah, our new Masjid will open for prayers on Friday the 24th of Feb 2017 (Jumādā al-Ula 27, 1438AH).

Please join us, invite all your families and friends to join us for the first prayers. Dedicated prayer facilities are available for sisters at each prayer.

Our First prayer: Friday the 24th of Feb 2017

Fajr Prayer @ 6.30am (Jamat)

Insha’Allah some tea and light refreshments will be prepared by Swansea Mosque volunteers after the salah.

Friday Jummah Prayers

TWO Jamats for Jumuah  will be held at the following times Insha-Allah.

Please note the time and come earlier for the prayers.

1st Jamat

12:30pm    First Adhan & Sunnah Prayers

12:40pm    Adhan + Khutbah

1:00pm      Conclusion of Salah

2nd Jamat

1:10pm      Adhan + Khutbah

1:45pm      Conclusion of Salah


Please use side entrance on George Street

Madrasah Update and Holidays

Assalamualeikum Parents and Guardians;

Pray that you and family are in good health and Imaan.

Some important dates for your calendar:

  • Madrasah winter holidays: from Friday 23rd December 2016 until Friday 30th December 2016. Madrasah re-starts on Saturday 31st December 2016.
  • Seerah Program: Sunday 1st January 2017. From 11:30am -2:30pm. There will be no class on that day, but is essential for all the students to attend. Parents are also requested to take part as there will be quizzes for Parents.
  • Madrasah Inset day: Sunday 8th January 2017. Students don’t need to attend classes.

JazaakUmullahu khayran to everyone for all your help and support and for coming along to the Parents meeting. We pray that Allah bring Deen and Islam in the life’s of your household and give you all Barakah. Ameen

Please keep your donation and duas coming towards our new Masjid, we are very close and near to move in.

Shukran lakum