Ramadhan 2017 Activities

Ramadhan begins 27th May 2017

Ramadhan 2017 - Activities at Swansea Mosque:


Full delicious iftar meal will be provided every day for brothers and sisters. Make sure to join us with your family.


Facility available for last 10 days of Ramadan for those who wish to take full advantage of Ramadan. Please book in advance, limited spaces.


This Ramadan, let us connect with the Quran.

Whoever stood to pray (Taraweeh) in Ramadhan with perfect faith and seeking reward, he will have his previous sins forgiven’ (Hadith – agreed upon).

Services provided include:

20 raka’ah Taraweeh (Ramadhan’s Night Prayers) and witr prayer in congregation will be held after Taraweeh immediately. A short talk (Tadhkirah) will be held after the first 12 raka’ah of the Taraweeh.

Our Imams for this year:

Shaikh Abdul Azeez Alawajee: 

Shaikh Abdul Azeez Alawajee us a Saudi citizen from Madinah Munawwara, he graduated from Islamic university Madinah. He is a former lecturer of Madina Islamic University, and a current lecturer of Yanbu’ ‘city of knowledge. He is Khateeb of Masjid alZahim, Madinah Munawwara.

Sheikh Eunus Ali:

Sheikh Eunus works in government chaplaincy service and gives khutbah in prisons. He has finished his hifz and shari’ah studies in a prominent darool uloom in the UK. Currently, he is completing iftaa course that leads him to be muftee after Ramadan Insha’Allah. He is head of tahfizul Quran in Swansea mosque and works as senior management team in Swansea Islamic Academy.

Hafiz Anisur Rahman Rizwan: 

Hafiz Rizwan is currently Imam and Khateeb of Swansea Mosque. Completed hifz and Islamic studies in Tanzeemul ummah, Dhaka, and completing BA degree from Swansea University. He is head of Swansea Islamic Academy.

Shaikh Ibrahim Sallah:

Shaikh Ibrahim is Imam and teacher of tahfizul Quran at Swansea Islamic Academy. He was born in Gambia and completed hifz from Senegal and graduated from Swansea University. 

Note: 2nd late Taraweeh has been arranged.


For those who require an extra spiritual boost, there would be Tahajjud prayer during the last 10 nights of Ramadhan.



  1. Dr M Abdus Salam Azadi
  2. Brother Arjan Ali
  3. Brother Asim Hafeez
  4. Hafiz Anisur Rahman Rizwan
  5. Plus other guest speakers

Let us make this Ramadhan the best spiritual experience for the entire community, Insha Allah.