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1. Al-Fatihah (The Opener) الفاتحة
(Sha'ban 5, 1439)
Fajr Iqamah

5:15 am

2 Hours 28 Minutes

Swansea Mosque Membership

Swansea Mosque membership criteria
Membership is open to any person who:

  • is aged 18 years or over on the application date for membership. This is aligned to the UK Government age of voting.
  • is Muslim and holds the fundamental belief that there is no God but Allah and His beloved, Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His final Prophet.
  • resides within the City and Council of Swansea as defined by the Welsh Government Unitary Authority 1996.  See map below.
  • if they do not reside with the area they may apply if they are in fulltime education or fulltime employment (minimum 32 hrs per week) within the same boundary defined above.
  • has signed the prescribed membership application form and paid the annual membership fee as laid down from time to time by the Board of Trustees (currently £10).


Implicit in the Membership criteria is also general compliance on matters of English law; requiring, amongst other things, members:

  • to be legally entitled to reside in the United Kingdom
  • “do not promote or support terrorism or extremism, or other illegal conduct, such as racial or religious hatred. Nor have any affiliation to any group that harbours such view.”
  • has not been convicted of a crime related to supporting terrorism or extremism, or other illegal conduct, such as racial or religious hatred, nor have any past affiliation to any groups that harbours such view within the past 10 years.

Membership duration and policy

  • Membership duration commences upon the successful completion of the application process and expires on 31st December of the same calendar year.
  • All applicants will be required to make a non-refundable payment of the membership fee for a valid application to be made.
  • The membership fee is determined taking into consideration, in part, the financial demands including the running costs of the mosque and associated services delivered to the public as a registered charity.
  • Any membership applicant who has failed the verification may be rejected.
  • Fraudulent applications will be reported to relevant authorities.