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The building was originally founded in 1862 and opened in 1864 as 'St Andrew's Church'. Unfortunately since the 1980s it has been derelict and deteriorating. God-Willing with your donations and prayers, this beautiful landmark building will once again be utilised for the worship of God, and its community centre welcome to all local residents.

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Archive Photos (1864 - 1962)


A collection of archive photographs from 1864 - 1962


Artists Impressions


Based on 2007 designs


3D Models


3D Concept Design (June 2010)


Architectural Plans



Phase 1


Photos from March - September 2008 of Phase 1 developments


Phase 2


Photos from July - December 2009 of Phase 2 developments


Total Raised

£ 1800000
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£ 1283759
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Did you know charity can also be performed in other forms which are non-monetary such as voluntary work, helping others, or using one's talents and skills for good causes. In Islam any good work or deed is regarded as an act of charity.

The Prophet (peace be upon him ) said: "And your smiling  is charity; your removing of stones and thorns from people's paths is charity, (to avoid potential threat from their way) and your guiding a person gone astray in the world is charity".