Why not set up an online starting order using your debit or credit card. We have setup an account with MyDonate from BT to process our online donations ensuring it is not only is easy, safe and secure but also maximises your contributions.
With MyDonate Swansea Mosque receives 100% of your donations and GiftAid
(with the exception of standard debit/credit card processing fees). 


Setting Up an online standing order 
Manage your online standing order
Download a standing order form


Setting up an Online Standing Order

1. You need to have a registered user account with MyDonate (https://mydonate.bt.com) to set-up a monthly standing order. If you do not already have a MyDonate account please press the Register button on the MyDonate site to create an account.

2. Once you have a registered user account please Login with your email address and password.

3. Once you are logged in please go to https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/swanseamosque and press the Donate Now button which appears on the right hand column of the page.

Swansea Mosque Charity Page on MyDonate

4. On the top box, change the dropped to 'regular' (was single)

Select Regular from dropdown 

5. Please specify when you want your regular donation to start (first donation will be made the day you submit the form, this option allows you to specify when you want further monthly donations to start.

Select start date on regular donations 

6. Remember if you are a UK Tax Payer to confirm that you are happy for the Mosque to claim Gift-Aid on your donation and that you are donating your own money. (for every £1 you donate the Mosque will get £1.25)

7. Populate the Card holder details and confirm you have read the terms and condition and press Next Step to continue

8. On the following page you will be asked to provide your debit or credit card details and press Pay Now to proceed.

9. Your card provider may ask you for some extra security information to finalise the payment.

Manage your Online Standing Order

1. You can manage or cancel your Monthly donations at any time by Login into MyDonate and selecting My Account.

2. Then from the left hand navigation select 'My donations > Monthly donations'.


Download a Standing Order form

We strongly recommend that if possible you set up an online standing order as suggested above as this will ensure that the Mosque gets your donations and it's GiftAid much quicker. However if you are unable to complete an online standing order then you can download the following PDF file and once complete return it to the mosque.

Standing Order Form


Total Raised

£ 1800000
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donation thermometer
£ 1283759
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Do something amazing... why not invest in your future or gift a loved one or in memory of someone who has passed on by making a donation in their name.
God Willing you and they would get continuous reward (Sadqa-e-Jariya) for all the goodness that comes out of this Mosque.