Existing Premises

Existing MosqueSwansea Mosque's current premises is located at 14-15 St. Helens Road which comprises two former terraced commercial buildings. It has been serving the whole Muslim Community since the 80’s. We enjoy positive relationships with all communities within our locality. The mosque endeavours to provide a whole host of activities that have consequently resulted in increased interest in Islam and a number of revert brothers and sisters embracing Islam.

Services to non-Muslims such as informative mosque tours consisting of a guide to Islam and outline the functions of the mosque have been very popular with local schools over the years. Due to the expanding population we are now in a position where we are unable to accommodate the growing community for prayers, education classes, community activities and even jumma (Friday prayers).

Did you know in 1983 when the Mosque first opened the estimated Muslim population in Swansea was less than 800, the current estimate is over 8,000.
The Muslim community makes up around 70% of the ethnic minority population in Swansea.


Project Overview

Mosg Abertawe : Swansea MosqueBeing just yards away from the existing Mosque, the New Mosque building was originally founded in 1862 as St. Andrew's Church. Built in 1864 by Scottish immigrants working in the drapery trade, St. Andrew's was at that time Swansea's only Presbyterian church. Designed by Mr John Dickson, the iconic façade with its decorative twin towers, gives the building a towering perspective and beautifully set off the skyline surrounding St. Helen's Road. St. Andrew's later became a United Reformed Church before falling into dereliction. After fire damage in 1964, the rear hall was redesigned and rebuilt.

This strikingly designed, ecclesiastical building which occupies an eye catching midway position along St Helens Road is now a Grade II listed building. Unfortunately it has remained derelict since the 1980s and has been deteriorating. In 1997 it was purchased by a Muslim Charity (Kafel Fund UK) from a private owner, intending to restore this landmark and turn it into a community centre. In 2004 following the merger of the charity with the Mosque, this building became an asset of Swansea Mosque and the current restoration and renovation plans commenced.

God-Willing with your donations and prayers, this beautiful landmark building will once again be utilised for the worship of God, and its community centre welcome to all local residents.

The New Mosque will preserve Swansea's heritage by maintaining as much as possible of the original magnificent exterior and historical character of the building, whilst bringing the building updated to the 21st century with wheel-chair access and energy efficiency heating/cooling system to help reduce the Carbon footprint.

It will be a holistic place used for education, welfare, weddings, recreational activities, counselling, Muslim deaths rituals and births ceremonies.

 Did you know that looking after our environment including the reduction of Carbon emissions is an important part of Islam?

  • There are more than 700 verses in the Quran that exhort believers to reflect on nature.
  • The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told his followers they would be rewarded by God for taking care of the Earth. He said: "If any Muslim plants any plant and a human being or an animal eats of it, he will be rewarded as if he had given that much in charity." (Sahih Al-Bukhari, 8:41)
  • The Quran also describes the believing men and women as those who "walk on the Earth in humility." (25:63) Scholars have interpreted this verse, and others like it, to mean that Muslims are to protect nature's many bounties given to them by the Almighty. Preservation is therefore more than a good policy recommendation - it is a commandment from God.

Source :C.A.I.R

Aims and Objectives

Architectural plan

  • To provide the Muslim community with a focal point for all their spiritual, social, cultural, economic, educational and training activities.
  • To advance public knowledge and true understanding of Islam.
  • To enable the community to develop a greater self-confidence through a sense of belonging, to affirm it's cultural identity to renew it zest for self reliance.

Proposed facilities and programmes include:

  • Cultural Awareness Seminars
  • Conference and Lecture Rooms
  • Community Library
  • Play group and Crèche Facilities
  • Recreational Health and Fitness Club
  • Weekend and Afterschool Homework Clubs
  • Mother Tongue Classes
  • Anti Drugs Addiction and Anti Crime Programmes
  • Social Activities for elderly
  • Complete Access for the disabled and push-chairs
  • Counselling room i.e. marriage counselling, emotional counselling, bereavement
  • Volunteers office i.e. to prepare posters, videos, etc
  • Drop in office for external agencies
  • Mother-Baby and Father-Baby changing rooms
  • Kitchen and tea making

Total Raised

£ 1800000
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£ 1283759
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God Willing you and they would get continuous reward (Sadqa-e-Jariya) for all the goodness that comes out of this Mosque.